Friday, October 8, 2010

Updates of our world . . .

It's been a while.
As any continual investigation, one has to take a break, less you become totally wrapped in the world for which you are attempting to understand. Having said that, I bring to you several new pieces of information, that might be of interest.

The first one for today, is an odd one, but one that needs to be considered. Now I'm not saying this is apart of the 'real world' for which we all live in, but, taking this news article at face value you have to wonder why no major news service (mainstream) has taken note of this . . .

unexplained 600 ft crack found in Michigan

I'll offer my two cents worth . . .
Since 2009 or earlier, scientist have eluded to the potential gravitational shifts, add to that is the publicly noted shifts in the magnetic north pole, a shift reported to exceed 4% in the past few years. So why is that happening?
Here's a bit science behind it. The earth's core is made up a solid mass, iron like core, surrounded by magma, a super heated liquid mass that is not uniform, therefore it has various ebbs and flows to its shape, thus, creating the magnetic pole we (via technology) and animals rely upon to navigate. It should also be noted that in recent months, of an increased number of marine life beaching themselves, along with that both birds and Monarch butterflies have been reportedly flying or migrating off course.

All the a fore mentioned navigating species require the magnetic pole to continue their flight paths. So when the magnetic field changes, so do their ability to plot their course, so to speak.
Ancient civilizations were fully aware of what we term as magnetic lines, these areas that trace heavy magnetic fields, which in turn are path ways, lines of power, etc . . .

So, with this all being said, lets add a bit more information to this plate. It's been reported on several occasions that other planetary bodies in our solar system are also suffering gravitational alterations. Mars, Jupiter, even Saturn. So Earth is not different. Having said this, the article noted here is in my opinion is merely another example of the cause and effect of changes in our magnetic field. Even NASA, a source I'd always consider to be, how shall I say, suspect, but having said that, the following post, as reported in various additional broadcasts brings things into a new realm of . . . plausibility.

breach in the magnetic field

What does this all mean . . . in a nutshell . . . keep an eye on the ground and sky, because sooner or later, we're all going to be looking to the sky in wonderment, and ask ourselves, "how come we didn't know about this before?"

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